Leaving Behind


Now. Apart from the first post, I’ve somehow managed to avoid doing any specific drawings and uploading them. I think part of the problem is that my life is currently in more flux than usual. Before Wednesday, it was the uncertainty of where I would continue my PhD and live and work, and now it is how I will live and work in Exeter.

Books have always played a large role in my mental apparatus. I’m usually reading and I’m known for my love of books of all kinds (and also, a love of books, particularly literature, is helpful, as that’s what my PhD, and later my career, will be concerned with). However, as I’ll be very close to a top-notch library in Exeter (and because it’s such a way to move), for the first time in my life, I won’t be able, or have specific reason to take my entire personal library.

So this is a blog post in – brief – tribute to my books, and the ones that will be left behind.

The photo shows fiction, from Grant Naylor (Red Dwarf) to John Wyndham (Consider Her Ways), Plays, Poetry, Literary Criticism, Journals and Philosophy (with political philosophy bridging the gap to history on the next bookcase).

You may have noticed that I haven’t used the Dewy system. Shame on me. Nonetheless, books, I shall miss you.

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This is off-topic, bit I curled my hair today. I’m not very good at it but the front got some fairly accurate curls going on. The back was sporting the ‘dragged through a hedge’ look, which I hear it totally in next season.

It was kinda nice to primp for a change, but it took an hour, the back was dodgy (or at least ineffectual) and all I can think is that it could have been an extra hour in the library – and the effect I came up with was one of the plainer girls from Pride and Prejudice (perhaps Charlotte Lucas), who had no business having curls in the first place.

I’m quite pleased with the photo, though – it reminds me of those paintings where the artist is shown painting the picture – although, ypu understand, that wasn’t actually deliberate in this case.

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In Which I Explain the Dino-Flavour Title


My friend over at Scones and the Queen keeps an illustrated blog. I love her drawings and insights into her life, which she started when she took a year abroad study option on her undergrad degree – so she could keep her friends and family back home i Switzerland updated on her life in Canterbury.

I enjoy the format of her blog and feel I make enough time for art so I have pinched her idea. There’s also a chance I might be moving myself, but that’s another (long, tedious) story.

The title comes from a dream I had where I was trying to restrain  a baby velociraptor from attacking The Cat (I do not have a good relationship with The Cat, who appears to believe I am lower in the household foodchain than her, so it almost made it doubly surreal that I was going all out against the dino to save her).

The image of struggling with something so difficult to contain (I tried putting the velociraptor into a trifle bowl, it didn’t work) has stayed with me, because I think it sums up the impossible life-work-study (lack of balance) I fight on a daily basis. It’s tough trying to keep up working full time (across two different jobs), PhD study and friendships / social life. And I guess my unconscious was perhaps telling me that it’s ok to find that hard, and that sometimes, it’s ok to feel that it’s an impossible struggle to wrestle velociraptors.

(I think dream interpretation may not have credit, according to my psychology friends, but I’m fairly sure that this dream was transparent)

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